day seven


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing"

-George Bernard Shaw

Materials: found objects, journal & pencil (optional)

Time: 10 minutes+

The simple act of noticing can activate your curiosity and awaken your senses, engaging your creative brain. Today you are going to take a nature walk outside, even an urban space. It is a scientific fact that consciously engaging in nature, seeing sunlight first thing in the morning and accessing the state of enchantment it brings can lift your mood, setting you up for this creative exercise. Before you go, choose a color - once outside look for everything that you find in this color and make a list in your journal or a mental note. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds you hear (try to find up to 10), and take note.

The next step is collecting found items, we recommend at least 10-15. You can use leaves, sticks, petals, pine needles, shells - anything that you notice or that speaks to you. Observe the textures, colors, shapes of what you find. Once you have collected them, choose a spot and arrange them in a design on the ground. Assemble the findings to create a temporary or ephemeral work of art (occurs once and not made to last) on the grass, sidewalk or sand. They can be symmetrical or not, abstract or representational - anything goes and they are likely to spark happiness in anyone who might pass by. Take a photo with your phone or if you are feeling ambitious, bring them home and see how many different designs you can make . See example in video here:

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